Well, hasn’t COVID thrown us all a curveball! These are new times that we haven’t faced before, and therefore it’s a learning curve juggling the issues COVID has created. 

We are working every single day to ensure orders are packed, processed and on their way to you as quickly as possible. This means working late nights, answering emails at all hours of the day and night, and doing it all again from 6am the next day.

If we are totally honest we are currently feeling at a complete loss due to the shipping complications caused by COVID. Over the past few weeks we have answered and enquired about over 1000 delayed parcels. It breaks our heart that orders are taking longer than normal, but we ask for kindness and patience at this time as there is nothing we can do once a parcel has been posted.

We are only able to see what the tracking shows, and will do what we can to help, but please be aware that these delays are out of our control. Your items will arrive, they just need a little (or a lot) more time than usual. We cannot cancel something once it’s already been shipped, and we cannot refund items already in transit. If we were to do this our business would not survive, so we continue to ask for your patience and understanding.

When reaching out to us, please be kind and most of all, be patient, we are doing what we can, and we’re all in this together!