PRE-ORDER Information

If your order included any pre-order items (as detailed in the web descriptions), please read the information below as it may answer any questions you may have:

>>> Why is my item listed as Pre-Order in the description? <<<

We offer Pre-Order items because we love being able to offer the lowest prices to our customers, and we are able to do this if we have enough orders to organise a production run of our own. Offering an item via pre-order generates enough interest for us to do this, although it does incur a wait time. The bonus of a pre-order is that you are purchasing the item at a much lower price than the RRP!! Once the item is in stock, the price is changed back to the RRP.

>>> How long will I need to wait? <<<

Pre-order items are not in stock at the time of ordering, so we aren't able to post these out straight away. Please allow approximately 2-8wks for posting of your order if it includes pre-order items. This is a general guide because we have allowed for any delays which may occur. Occasionally you may have a longer wait if there any issues with shipping or production, but we will always communicate with you as quickly as possible if this occurs. Some of our range will be drop shipped directly from suppliers to ensure a faster delivery, please notify our team should you not wish this to occur.

>>> Will I receive updates during the Pre-Order wait time? <<<

Because of the amount of orders we receive for each pre-order, we unfortunately aren't able to email each customer individually with updates, however we always welcome your enquiry if your pre-order period is coming to an end, and you haven't yet received your Order Fulfilment email. You can contact us via email at

>>> My Pre-Order period is finishing and I haven't received my order! <<<

We know you're excited to receive your order, and behind the scenes we are doing everything we can possibly do to hurry things along! The most likely reason you haven't yet received your order is that we are still waiting on delivery of your pre-order items. Please email us at and we'll be happy to assist.

The GLMT Team is made up of some wonderful human beings (most of us are stay at home mums working around baby nap times!) so please do remain kind and patient with us. In the event of any of our team being threatened or abused (it sadly does happen on occasion), we reserve the right to cancel your order without notice, providing you with a full refund.

>>> The Important Stuff <<<

By placing your order with us you are agreeing to our preorder terms and conditions, and therefore agreeing to wait the preorder period advised. Further delays may occur should issues arise with production or delivery. Some of our range will be drop shipped directly from suppliers to ensure a faster delivery.

Thanks for reading all the way down here!!! We are so thankful for your order, and can't wait to have it across to you as quickly as possible.